We firmly believe that good advice is worth paying for but should also be aligned with the amount of ongoing work that is required.

At White Investments we offer a professional advisory service for which we charge a fee calculated at an hourly rate. (Please drop us a mail for an updated fee schedule)

The overall cost of the service will depend on the complexity of the work to be done BUT the fee amount will be fully disclosed and pre-agreed prior to the commencement of any work.

Lowering your overall investment management fees can have a very significant impact on your investment returns over the lifespan of your savings.

We aim to work together with our clients to provide a professional service with a level of input and involvement that ensures the best plan is implemented without adding unnecessary costs.

The benefits of a fee based system:
  • Using a fee-based advisory service can help you to avoid hidden costs and have absolute transparency over what your investment advice is really costing you.
  • You only pay for advice as and when needed.
  • You will know upfront what the fee will be and can decide to accept or decline before any work is done.
  • You have access to further advice at any time and will be charged at the hourly rate.
  • We have no vested interest in terms of additional remuneration for you to follow our advice and so what we recommend is not based on some hidden agenda. We want you to continue to consult with us over the long term and have a real desire to offer an honest, intelligent and quality solution that we believe will genuinely help you achieve your objective.
The implications of using a fee-based service:
  • It will require some more of your time and effort. As you are not paying an ongoing advice fee it is your responsibility to monitor your investments on an ongoing basis. You can call on our service at any time you feel necessary.
  • To a large extent you can control the fees by outlining clear and specific objectives, deciding the level of input required (face to face meetings or telephonic and written communication) and implementing the agreed strategy yourself. The more detailed and thorough the information supplied at the start of the process the less time consuming the work should be and the lower the fee should be.
  • We would encourage you to try and understand the fee and cost implications of your alternate choices in full.
  • The cost of an ongoing annual advice fee is likely to be much higher than an upfront charge over time. However, if you are only investing a small amount of money for a very short space of time then you will need to consider if the upfront fee quoted is likely to erode the majority of your investment returns. 

Contact us to discuss alternative options and do not delay your savings or investment because you think you are too small - everyone should be encouraged to save and everyone needs to start some where.