Individuals that:
  • Have an awareness of the need for a plan to achieve their financial goals but are not sure where or how to begin the process.
  • Are perhaps disillusioned by their past experiences within the investment industry BUT with a little help and guidance have a desire to improve their financial knowledge and to take control of their own financial futures.
  • Have existing lump sum investments with a third party(ies) but are unhappy with their investment strategy, performance or service and want a few ideas on where things may have gone wrong and possible ways to improve their current situation.
  • Want to start making monthly contributions towards a specific investment objective like a retirement plan or saving towards their children’s education.
  • Have been running their own finances and merely want someone to provide advice, guidance or a second opinion on areas they are not confident in or just want a fair and independent assessment of their current affairs to confirm they are on the right track towards financial freedom.
  • Perhaps have too little capital to be accepted by large wealth management firms or simply want to avoid the often times excessive fees associated with this premium service.
  • Want full disclosure and transparency as to the service they receive and the cost of that knowledge and expertise. No unnecessary ongoing management fees.
Small businesses that:
  • Want to establish a retirement plan for their staff.
  • Want an independent assessment of existing investments.
  • Need help to manage excess liquidity or want to try and achieve better short-term returns versus their bank deposit rate on credit balances.
  • Are looking for ideas to enhance income on offshore cash reserves.
  • Want advice on how to create a long term investment portfolio with excess capital.