The real cost of a free beer

November 2019
When your EAC is not your EAC
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No Bullsh*t

September 2018
What are you trying to buy?
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Why even bother investing

June 2018
What is your why
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January 2018
Delayed gratification does not mean no gratification.
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Financial Planning Sucks

September 2017
"You gotta live in the now!"
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Opportunity Cost

June 2017
Are you squandering opportunities to create wealth?
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Compounding money

February 2017
If you choose to learn nothing else in finance, make sure you understand this
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October 2016
Technology is neither intrinsically good or bad - It is how it is used that determines its worth
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Assumption Risk

July 2016
Who is fooling who
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Framework for financial success

Prioritising goals and taking the appropriate risk to achieve them.
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Contributing to your own success

March 2016
How to ensure that your investment plan has a reasonable probability of succeeding.

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Asset Location

January 2016
Location, Location, Location is not just the mantra of property investors. 
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Trader or Investor

September 2015
Are you potentially your own worst enemy when it comes to investment success?

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Don't faff about

July 2015
The best investment strategies will focus on things we can control

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Win the lottery

May 2015
How much is enough to stop working?

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Goal Based Investing

March 2015
New innovation or just common sense?

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From RSA with love - Retail Bonds

February 2015
Why isn't everyone using them?
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The gift that keeps on giving

November 2014
I am confident I am giving my kid's the best gift that money can buy.
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My education will cost WHAT?

October 2014
Health warning: Understanding the cost of education may lead to temporary paralysis.
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The Perception & Reality of Investment Returns

August 2014
Are you really creating wealth or is it just a perception of wealth.
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Master your mind, master your money

July 2014

Your ultimate financial well being has more to do with your psychology than your investment skill.

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Picking the low hanging fruit...

June 2014

Are you taking advantage of the easy wins on your road to a better financial future? 


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Tax free sounds good to me

May 2014

Your savings and investment armoury is about to receive a boost in your battle against SARS.


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Searching for the Holy Grail

April 2014

Does an investment solution that has zero downside risk while offering participation in future stock market performance sound too good to be true?


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The perfect financial solution

March 2014 change your life right now.


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A practical look at interest rate hikes...

February 2014

Find out how the recent interest rate hike impacts you and your finances and what you can do about it. 


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It is not rocket science

January 2014

When it comes to creating wealth, KNOWING the right things to do is actually quite easy. DOING the right things with your money, on the other hand, is where the difficulty usually comes in. 


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And another one down...

December 2013

No plan, no progress.... all the good intentions in the world will not get you results without action. 

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10 reason's why you DON'T need an advisor

October 2013

We tend to like checklists for some reason. Ticking the boxes seems to give us a sense of purpose or achievement and makes us feel like we have given a subject its due consideration. 

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Winning long term

September 2013
Inflation increases the cost of future expenditures and reduces the real returns on your investments – understanding how to combat the wealth destructive properties of inflation is crucial to long term investment success.
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Do not get left behind

August 2013
It’s a message that gets shouted from the roof tops often enough, yet most of us keep our heads buried firmly in the sand whenever we hear it....You need to plan for your retirement!


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The Road Not Taken

July 2013

"I have a limited amount of a new unlisted protected property-linked product that is currently returning 25% a month but you must invest now as there is only a limited amount available......"

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Mission possible...

June 2013

Low cost, easy to understand and simple to manage investment products, which deliver returns that compete with the ‘big guns’ in the industry, are a real alternative in today's market place.

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Is 'average' ever a good thing?

May 2013

I would happily settle for the long-term average equity market return year after year if I could. This desire for something average may sound a little defeatist but averages can be misleading at the best of times.

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Stealth costs that are legal

April 2013

Not all costs that impact on the success of your financial plan are explicitly required to be disclosed. Your awareness and willingness to act can protect you from this silent enemy.

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Predictions, Forecasting and Experience

March 2013

There is always a high demand for those with the ability to predict the future. Unfortunately, there is a very low (to no) supply of those with this divine ability. 

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The chicken or the egg?

February 2013

Perversely, it may be the global economic recovery that finally derails the equity market rally.

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Striking it Rich

January 2013

The so called secret of success is a lot simpler than you may think - but you'll have plenty of opportunity to complicate things.

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Investing for income - Updated

January 2013

Bad news for those already in retirement and savers in general - The hunt for real yields is only getting harder and  the pressure to take on more short-term risk is building.

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Retirement in numbers

November 2012

There are three types of people in the world: Those that make things happen; those that let things happen; and those who look back and ask, "What happened?"

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The four letter word in investment planning

October 2012

Understanding R-I-S-K and what is meant by risk is essential in determining an appropriate investment strategy and in managing your own expectations when it comes to investing.

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The impact of fees on your investment returns

September 2012

The fees charged by the investment management industry are notoriously vague and often expensive despite the changes in legislation and regulation to combat this.

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Investing for Income

September 2012

The last few years have seen some extraordinary measures taken by central banks to support a global economy in decline. Interest rates are at historic lows and income seeking investors have lost many options previously taken for granted.

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