This is currently in my opinion one of the best online financial resources out there. It provides comprehensive data and news across most asset classes and most global markets.  Relevance: Global


You will have to browse to get a feel for the general data available under their Market Data Centre but look out for the PE and Yields on major indices which also cover forward PE projections for the US markets. Their tracking bond benchmark gives some useful data on corporate bond indices which is relatively hard to come by in other areas. Relevance: Global

YAHOO Finance

This is a great site for getting the actual underlying historic data (time series) for individual share prices and index levels. You can download readily into Excel and manipulate it accordingly. Relevance: Global


You are probably familiar with Bloomberg but if not this is a news and data vendor whose subscription service is widely used by the investment management industry. Although the free information available on the website does not give you the same access as a paid subscription it does provide a broad range of data and news from around the world. Relevance: Global


This is a website that provides a fantastic amount of information on the Collective Investments Fund universe in the United Kingdom. The Investment Management Association (IMA) sectors breakout funds in terms of their asset allocation and this is the peer group information against which we measure our own fund performance. Relevance: UK


You will have to browse to get a feel for the general data available but check out their Fear & Greed Indicator for a bit of fun. Relevance: US

Markit iTraxx

Provides daily updates on the synthetic credit or CDS indices. You can also sign up to receive market reports on a monthly basis. Useful to gauge credit market direction but it is important to remember these are merely derivative proxies for cash credit and frequently move in an unrelated fashion to actual corporate bond markets. Relevance: Global


Historic data and general insight into the silver market. Relevance: Global


Foreign currency converter. Relevance: Global


Some interesting insight and news on crop prices and other soft commodities. Relevance: Global


Useful historical data on indices and macroeconomic indicators with some forecasts. A word of caution on taking forecasts with more than a pinch of salt - Trying to forecast markets and indicators has been proven to be a very hit and miss pastime so don’t base all your investment strategies on guesswork. Relevance: US predominantly


Bond markets are not like equity markets in that they trade OTC (Over the Counter) which essentially means they are not traded on an exchange and getting pricing data and information is difficult particularly in the corporate bond space. This site is one of the more useful resources freely available for this type of information. Be sure to check out the GBP corporate bond list and the yield map is also a useful tool. Relevance: UK