• White Investments stated mission is "To make a difference!". We do this by delivering investment solutions that are single-mindedly focused on helping you achieve your life goals.
  • We understand that it is not the investment assets themselves that have value, but rather what a successful investment solution allows you to achieve which is truly valuable.
  • We know that all the right skills, knowledge and experince  mean nothing if we don't use them to create the best outcomes for you - In other words we genuinely care about helping achieve your goals and expect to be measured on that. 
  • White Investments is entirely independent. This ensures that you get a service that focuses on delivering investment results and not on selling you a product.
  • You control your fees. We offer solutions which aim to charge for value added only. The more effort you put in the less you need us, the lower your fees. Simple. 
  • We provide an alternative to the mainstream investment management houses and advisory firms. We invest intelligently and not fashionably – we focus on achieving real investment results and not boasting rights based on who your funds are placed with.
  • We believe in transparency and in the vision of an ethical investment industry that exists to serve their clients first and foremost. You'd expect that to be standard practice but sadly it's not always the case. 
  • We like to keep things simple and we aim to structure an investment strategy that you can understand and control with confidence where appropriate. 
  • We want you to make informed decisions and understand what you are invested in and why - we will provide you with the tools and service that will enable this. 
  • We want to help you minimise the costs associated with your investments, while still achieving the investment results that will bring you long-term success. 
  • White Investments also specialises in DIRECT offshore investment management , providing an ideal opportunity for diversification away from domestic (South African) investments and income sources.
  • White Investments is managed by Dominic White, CFA, who has more than 20 years experience in the investment management industry. You have access to a professional who understands how to extract the best out of the industry on your behalf. 

Don't expect all the  brand names and frills - just expect results. If you want a service that focus's on the important factors that will impact on the success of your investment plan then contact us today.